Arclux Interior Design Company

Designer and developer of skylights and decorative patio roofs

About Us

The Arclux Company is proud of an experienced and professional team with more than ten years of experience in interior design and skylight ceilings.

We work specialized and use the world's latest technology in covering skylight roofs of residential and office buildings. We aim to add to the useful building, and we aim to turn the unused patio and backyard into a relaxing and completely useful environment.

For this purpose, the experienced design group of Arclux Company is at your service, with all its strength designing the most innovative and modern roofs for buildings.

The characteristics of the first-floor patio skylight roofs are as follows:

100% waterproof
+70% insulation and does not transfer rain sound inside
+60% thermal insulation
With opening valves; automatic or manual
Unbreakable bubbles on impact
Ease of roof washing
Very beautiful interior design


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